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Baggage Policy

When passage is booked on the MV Helena, the passenger is granted a fixed baggage allowance.

Definition of Baggage

Baggage or luggage is defined as effects for personal use eg:- toiletries clothing etc. Everything else is to be considered as cargo which includes but is not limited to furniture, household electrical equipment (eg: TV’s, washing machines, refrigerators) car parts and building materials.

Items that are to be considered as cargo and any excess baggage over and above the below mentioned allowances will attract freight or small parcel payment in accordance with those tariffs prevailing at the time of travel.

Cabin Baggage

The cabin baggage allowance is a maximum of one suitcase, bag or package weighing no more than 23 kilos. Should the cabin baggage weigh between 20 and 23 kilos the baggage will additionally have a red heavy baggage label will be affixed to the heavy baggage by local port agents (this complies with current Health & Safety Manual Handling Regulations).

Any cabin baggage weighing in excess of 23 kilos will not be accepted for loading on the MV Helena until its weight is reduced to the maximum weight acceptable.

Each passenger must be present when weighing luggage.  Failure to comply will result in delays with the embarkation procedure.

Hold Baggage

In addition to the above stated cabin baggage allowance passengers are allowed up to 1 cubic metre of hold baggage.  All hold baggage is to be booked in with their agent who will advise delivery location, this freight must be available a few days prior to embarkation.

Passengers must ensure their freight is booked so it can go through the clearing process.

 Dangerous Cargo

Items which can be construed as dangerous cargo are not acceptable as baggage items and will attract tariff freight rates as valid at time of embarkation. Please contact your local agent to discuss this.


Fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat are not acceptable on any voyage except as full paying refrigerated cargo unless shipped as a Refrigerated Small Parcel and the appropriate fee paid. Please note there are import restrictions at all ports and these regulations change from time to time therefore, please check with local agents before booking.