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Small Parcels

The Small Parcel Service handles all consignments up to 0.5 cubic meters in volume, any items larger than this must be booked as normal cargo.

All Small Parcels and Cargo must be pre-booked prior to delivery to our depot – contact details for booking and the depot address are given below. Please note that the depot will accept Small Parcels and Cargo Monday to Friday between 0800 and 1600 – excluding Bank Holidays. Small Parcels and Cargo which have not been pre-booked and issued with a booking reference will NOT be accepted by the depot.


No hazardous goods such as compressed gas, flammable liquids or corrosives will be accepted for Small Parcels traffic. Please contact the UK Cargo Agents to arrange shipment of such goods. All goods should be packed suitably for sea transport in robust boxes with protection for fragile items. As far as possible fragile items will be packed on top of others to avoid crush damage but this cannot be guaranteed, especially for heavy items.

Goods such as car parts must be clean or wrapped in cardboard or plastic to avoid contaminating other cargo. In particular oil-filled items such as engines or gearboxes should be packed in oil-tight boxes to avoid leakage onto other goods. We reserve the right to refuse goods unsuitably packed. The volume of the goods will be calculated on the overall length, width and height so irregularly shaped items should be packed with other goods where possible to minimise lost space. Goods will be measured on arrival and charges calculated from those measurements.

Payment can be made by UK bank cheque with Guarantee card or in cash. Credit or debit cards are not accepted. Goods will only be shipped when all charges are paid.

To comply with Health & Safety Manual Lifting requirements, boxes should be less than 20kg in weight for single person lift and less than 40kg in weight for 2 person lift. Boxes over 40kg in weight will be moved by forklift at extra cost.

Contact Details

Booking to be made to:

AW Ship Management Ltd
Contact: Katie Corkhill
T: 0207 575 6000

Depot address:

AW Ship Management Ltd
C/O AJS Marine Ltd
Units 7-9 Ashmead Business Centre
North Crescent
London E16 4TG