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Receiving Depots

IMPORTANT – All hazardous cargo (LCL & FCL) must be booked with us by the date shown and the booking MUST be accompanied by a fully completed Dangerous Goods Note (DGN). Hazardous cargo that is not booked or does not have a completed DGN by the date shown above cannot be shipped on that sailing.

Sailing from London Gateway

Please note:

  1. Transhipment Port for all above is Cape Town
  2. The above schedule is subject to change without notice
  3. Not all transhipment sailings take Break Bulk REEFER Cargo
  4. Transhipment ports and vessels are subject to change without notice
  5. Schedule issued in the UK by AW Ship Management Ltd

Receiving Depots

Transhipment service only

UK Depot Details:
AWSML will accept General/Break Bulk cargo as well as Reefer and Chilled Break Bulk cargo. All cargo bookings must be accepted by AWSML office in London before delivery.
Not all sailings take refrigerated break bulk cargo.

Unless otherwise advised by AWSML General/Break Bulk booked as freight plus vehicles are to be delivered to

AW Ship Management Ltd
c/o AJS Marine Ltd
Units 7-9 Ashmead Business Centre
North Crescent
London E16 4TG

For cargo measuring 0.5cbm or below in total please see our Small Parcels section.

All enquiries and cargo booking through the EU Cargo Agent:

Katie Corkhill – General Manager St Helena Service
AW Ship Management Ltd
The Loom, Suite 3.2,
14 Gowers Walk,
E1 8PY

T: + 44 (0) 20 7575 6481
M: + 44 (0) 7969 086 310
F: + 44 (0) 207 481 4874