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Voyage 26 delay

AW Ship Management regret to inform that owing to weather issues and port congestion’s in both Europe and Cape Town the transhipment containers on Voyage 26 have been delayed. The vessel carrying these
containers discharged at Coega Port, located north of Port Elizabeth and unfortunately due to other vessels trying to maintain their schedules these containers have been rolled to a later feeder vessel not due into Cape Town until the 12th March.
In addition to these transhipment containers another shipment was due to arrive into Cape Town for Voyage 26 and this vessel also omitted their first Cape Town call, these containers are due to be discharged on the 15th March.
AW has been following the movements of these vessels closely and working with the shipping lines to try to mitigate these delays. St Helena Government have been informed and a joint decision has been made by both St Helena and Ascension Island Government. It has been agreed that the MV Helena will delay her departure for this cargo and to assist with maintaining schedules the Ascension call has been moved to Voyage 27.
An updated schedule will be placed on the website, but please find the below for your planning requirements.
Any Ascension breakbulk cargo already loaded onto the MV Helena will remain on board unless the shipper requests for it to be discharged.