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MV Helena – V.09 Container Stocks

AW Ship Management would like to comment on the current reports regarding container stocks in Cape Town. Due to the change in dry dock location, it was not possible to ship any empty containers back to Cape Town on Voyage 7, however the empty units shipped on Voyage 8 will alleviate the current shortage in Cape Town.

When AWSM became aware of the issue on Cape Town, arrangements were made to lease some twenty additional 20’ dry containers. The effect of this will be that no shippers will now be asked to ship dry goods in refrigerated containers on Voyage 9. For voyages subsequent to Voyage 9, stocks will return to normal levels.

Where Cape Town shippers had been provided with refrigerated containers for dry goods, these will be exchanged for 20’ dry containers as required by the supplier, with all associated costs borne by AWSM in full. As a result, no additional costs will be passed on to suppliers and customers on St Helena.