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MV Helena – Departure Walvis Bay

AW Ship Management would like to announce that the MV Helena departed Walvis Bay on Tuesday 18th September, the vessel is due into Cape Town on Friday 21st September where it will immediately commence cargo operations. As previously advised the delay was due primarily to the unavailability of the Cape Town drydock which was occupied by De Beers vessel which could not depart. The delay will have also have a slight impact on Voyage 9 as we seek to catch up.

The amended schedule for both Voyage 8 and Voyage 9 can be found below;


Voyage 8

ETD Cape Town                 Sunday 23rd September

ETA St Helena                    Saturday 29th September

ETA Ascension                   Friday 5th October

ETA St Helena                    Tuesday 9th October

ETA Cape Town                 Tuesday 16th October



Voyage 9

ETD Cape Town                 Friday 19th October

ETA St Helena                    Thursday 25th October

ETA Cape Town                 Monday 5th November



Voyage 10

As publicised