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MV Helena – Delay to V.08

AW Ship Management regret to advise that the MV Helena’s departure from Cape Town for Voyage 8 will be delayed for a period of approximately 6/7 days. This issue has arisen as a direct consequence of the booked dry dock slot in Cape Town being lost due to over-running works on a De Beers vessel. As a result, and to ensure that the ship’s certifications were maintained, AWSM had no option other than to put the ship into dock in Walvis Bay, where logistics are more difficult and access to specialist services are more limited than Cape Town. The voyage schedule for Voyage 8 is now expected to be as follows:

Depart Walvis Bay 16th September
Arrive Cape Town 19th September
Depart Cape Town 22nd September
Arrive St Helena 28th September
Depart St Helena 30th September
Arrive Ascension 3rd October
Depart Ascension 4th October
Arrive St Helena 7th October
Depart St Helena 8th October
Arrive Cape Town 14th October


It is anticipated that the delay will only affect Voyage 8, and the ship will return to the original schedule for Voyage 9. Costs for storing transhipment containers ex-UK in Cape Town Port will be met by AWSM and not passed on to customers.

Traders and St Helenian residents concerned about the impact of this delay can be reassured that unlike the RMS, it is not a requirement for the MV Helena to go to dry dock every year. As a pure cargo ship, dry docks are only required on a five-year basis and as such the next scheduled dry docking is not due until 2023.