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MV Helena V.02 – Ascension Island Call

The MV Helena is currently en-route to St Helena and is expected to arrive on the 26th March at 0600 local time.

It was intended for V.02 to form the first call of the MV Helena to Ascension Island to meet up with the ex-UK FIRS vessel in order to collect southbound cargo for St Helena. However at the time of writing, the FIRS vessel is delayed and has not yet left the UK. As such, the MV Helena would have to wait at Ascension until the second week of April for this cargo to be available. Taking into account all of the variables, it has been decided that the option that causes the least disruption to the movement of cargo and future schedule is to move the Ascension call to V.03.

Note that Cape Town delivery dates for V.03 will remain the same as published, please contact RNC for details. Please check the schedule for details of the revised dates for V.03.