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MV Helena Voyage 01 – Update

The Maersk Lanco berthed in Cape Town on the evening of Sunday 26th February following some additional delays in Port Elizabeth. Cargo from the Maersk Lanco has been offloaded and is being transferred to the MV Helena today. At present it is estimated that the MV Helena will depart Cape Town for St Helena on the afternoon of the 1st March. ETA at St Helena will be the 6th March.

Several recent instances of poor service have been noted by AWSM from the MOL ships which carry transhipment cargo from the UK to Cape Town. AWSM utilise both MOL and MSC ships to give breadth of service, however in recent months, Voyage 267 of the RMS and Voyage 01 of the MV Helena have been affected by delayed MOL ships. In addition, AWSM were forced to move cargo intended for the MV Helena voyage 02 from MOL to MSC when it became clear that the MOL vessel would be significantly delayed leaving the UK. As a result of these recent issues, AWSM have held a frank meeting with representatives of MOL to make clear the effects that such delays have to the Island, and to express AWSM’s displeasure at the recent lack of service. MOL have been clearly informed that until they can demonstrate an improvement in reliability, AWSM will be utilising more MSC services to Cape Town, unless there is no alternative.

Further updates on the progress of Voyage 01 will be provided once the MV Helena has departed Cape Town. At present, no delays are expected to the remainder of the schedule from Voyage 02 onwards.