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AW Ship Management own and operate the MV Helena which was purchased to provide the St Helena Shipping facility servicing the Islands of St Helena and Ascension. The MV Helena operates from Cape Town, South Africa and provides monthly calls to St Helena and quarterly calls to Ascension per the published schedule. The MV Helena is equipped to accommodate all types of cargo and is able to utilise the new Rupert’s Bay wharf on St Helena. Cargo bookings can be made via AW Ship Management or via their agency network in Cape Town, St Helena and Ascension.

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MV Helena V.11 BAF / CAF Adjustments

Please find the below BAF and CAF adjustments for all shipments being made on Voyage 11 Voyage 11 CAF – Additional 3.50% applied to container and breakbulk freight BAF – Additional £150 to be added per container and an additional £6 per w/m on breakbulk items.

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MV Helena – V.09 Container Stocks

AW Ship Management would like to comment on the current reports regarding container stocks in Cape Town. Due to the change in dry dock location, it was not possible to ship any empty containers back to Cape Town on Voyage 7, however the empty units shipped on Voyage 8 will alleviate the current shortage in […]

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